Interim management

Major and fast changes in the outside world, create increased demand for managers and leaders in companies and organizations. 

For a certain period of time, there could be urgent need for strengthen competence profile of an organizations executive management team. The reason for these issues could be several such as up scaling organization, reorganization, merging, new establishment and start up, etc.

To Lead

The leadership in this case is very important and crucial for success, as well as the deep and broad experience and knowledge within the management team. 

Mentors Interim Management services, allow greater flexibility in organizations, thereby increasing the ability to achieve established goals and results. The Mentors Interim Management always provide a qualified leader in place, in order to run operations after the required standards and specifications from shareholders and boards.

Mentors Interim Management Services, can provide qualified leadership and skilled resources for temporary assignments in: 

  • CEO and Operations
  • Project Management
  • Line Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Mergers and acquisitions