About Mentors

Success solidly stands on a foundation of a number of failures. It's OK to fail, and indeed absolutely essential. All success stories have their origin in a number of failures. However, the difference between success and failure is always equal to the insight and understanding to create change.
Mentors is a company that helps and supports companies and customers in the process to lead and create change, which thereby will lead to successful achievements. Mentors provide qualified consultancy in the following areas;

Change Management, Business Development and Interim Management. 

We work on behalf of the Management of the Board, President or equivalent, and always in collaboration with management and staff. Mentors ranges of services are tailored for small and medium enterprises, subsidiaries in a group or divisional companies. We have both domestic and international customers and customers from the private and public sectors. 

Mentors was founded in 2009 and is owned and managed by Thomas Christerson. The company's basic service platform based on the long and wide experience, and acquired knowledge, from a variety of international and Swedish companies and organizations. Thomas has a solid business background and for more than 20 years, he has worked as CEO, and with various executive management positions and professional positions, in marketing and sales. Thomas hold a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Lund. He also has an International Executive MBA from the University of Uppsala. 

Mentors cooperate with other consulting firms, and interact with the skills enhancement organizations and networks.